small tattoo

Small tattoos are a way to sport some ink without a big commitment.

From floral designs to symbols and quotes, roman numerals through to matching couples designs, there are a stack of options when it comes to smaller tattoo designs.

Small Tattoos for Men | Small Tattoos for Women

For guys with a limited budget, a smaller tattoo will cost you a lot less than bigger tatts that have plenty of detail or colour, requiring a couple of sessions, while an entire sleeve can take weeks to complete.

Gals are often taken by the fact that there are many more places you can get small tattoos be it the collar bone, along the wrist, draping down the nape of the neck etc.

Realism Tattoo
Realistic or photo-realism tattoos are achieved when a photo or image is replicated onto the skin. Melding together a number of these pieces creates a unique work of ink. It’s a complicated style that can take years to master. complex and takes years of practice to master.
Pop Culture Tattoo
As Pop culture grows, more people mix nostalgia and ink, inspired by anime, manga, tv, movies, or their favourite comic book character. Here we have Ren & Stimpy, the famous dog & cat duo from the 90s who coined the immortal phrase 'Happy Happy Joy Joy."
Small Portrait Tattoo
Perhaps you want to memorialise someone important in your life without going the whole hog of a full chest or sleeve tattoo.
Hand Tattoo
The hand is a great canvass to get work done on, either on top of it or on the under side. It is easily seen, allowing you to showcase it. On the other hand (bad pun we know), it’s one of the places (other than your neck or face) which can't be covered up.